Social, Emotional & Professional Skills Are Your Student’s Competitive Advantage

Ensure your student is not only prepared with the knowledge they’ve gained in the classroom, but with the skills and behaviors that will get them noticed, hired and promoted.

You’ve supported them throughout their academic career, now you can help prepare them with valuable insight and the soft skills employers are looking for.

With a proprietary assessment that helps them understand who they are and what the right job and work environment is for them, to resume, interviewing and networking skills along with in depth guidance on how to thrive in the ‘real world,’ Roadmap is a must.


  • Help your student stand out from other candidates for less than the cost of a textbook
  • Emotional, social and professional ‘soft skills’ employers are looking for
  • Resume writing, networking & interviewing through steps to independence
  • Unique UQ helps them better understand themselves and how they can apply that in the working world
  • Engaging self-led platform accessible where they spend most of their time – on their laptop and their mobile devices

Give your student the gift of work readiness

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The UQ is like an ‘IQ’ for self knowledge:

it gives students a starting point as they think about what careers may suit their skills and personality